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One of my friends recommended Gabriel. It’s fun to get English lessons from him. I advanced my English skills naturally with him because lessons were fun and it made me feel very comfortable. He certainly doesn’t use a classic and traditional method. He has an extraordinary way to teach speaking English and I love it!

Safak Ulusoy
Dr Şafak Ulusoy Academic, Istanbul

With his different style and perfect approach, learning English is very easy and enjoyable. He makes you feel that you will be speaking English as your native language 🙂

Ceren Yilmaz
Ceren Yılmaz Medical Manager, Istanbul

Gabriel is a skilled teacher, enthusiastic, caring, and creative. I like his analytical approach, explaining clearly and making difficult topics easy to understand, but above all, I enjoy his sense of humor and his professionalism in all areas.

M.C. Postgraduate Medical Student, Los Angeles

I discovered a hidden part of the world with my English teacher, Gabriel. He not only made me closer to English, he whispered something which is so new to my approach. Thanks for everything.

Erhan Ozden
Erhan Özden Psychologist and General Manager at www.evlilikenstitusu.com

Gabriel has a unique, professional style of teaching and combines it with his positive energy to encourage his students. His English classes are both really didactic and fun.

Gonul Yayan
Gönül Yayan Medical Expert, Istanbul

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