Skype English Lessons Plus

Is this you?

You’ve been learning English for years. You’ve got excellent grammar, but there’s a gap between what you know and what you actually say when you’re speaking English. You know the rules but sometimes you just say the wrong thing.


Maybe you think that you’re just not a natural language learner and that no one can help you solve this problem, but you’re wrong. This happens to most people. It’s completely natural and we’ve seen this thousands of times. We know how to fix this.

“There’s a gap between what you know and what you actually say when you’re speaking English.”

Just working with our teachers for one or two hours a week will close that gap between your knowledge and your performance.


You’ll be able to speak more and more without thinking and you’ll notice a change in your confidence and how comfortable you feel when you’re speaking English, whoever you are.

Skype English Mini Package


3 English lessons on Skype (45 minutes each)

Terms and conditions

Skype English Package


8 English lessons on Skype (45 minutes each)

Terms and conditions

Premium English Package


● 10 English lessons on Skype (60 minutes each)

● Writing Assistance: 10 pieces up to 300 words each

● 6 weeks unlimited support via email for language and learning strategy

● 30-minute goal-setting and learning strategy session with Gabriel

● eBook: 7 Online Tools to Improve Your English

Terms and conditions

What you get

  • A free English level test with detailed feedback
  • A free consultation on Skype
  • Regular one-to-one sessions with a highly skilled English teacher on Skype
  • You can choose the length and number of lessons you want
  • Regular feedback from your teacher about your knowledge problems and your performance problems
  • A teacher who will genuinely care about improving your performance, motivation, confidence and comfort speaking English
  • Regular homework
  • Flexible scheduling

What extras you get in the Premium Package

  • Writing assistance: Do you have any emails, reports, presentations, etc. that you need to be perfect? We will clean up and upgrade the English, and send you personalised feedback on your writing issues and how to fix them. You’ll receive your writing and feedback within 48 hours.
  • Email support: 24/7 access to a teacher. Ask any question you want via email and you’ll receive a reply within 24 hours.
  • Goal setting and learning strategy session: the secret to successful learning is understanding what you need and setting your goals. You’ll get a 30-minute session with Gabriel to talk you through these strategies in order to supercharge your learning
  • eBook (11 Online Activities to Start Improving your English Today): In order to make the most of the internet, you’ll also get an eBook with 11 tools, sites and apps along with step-by-step tasks for each one that will give you the skills to become a stronger language learner.

All our teachers are experts in the field, well qualified and highly experienced. They are also passionate and some of the most innovative teachers around.

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Can I meet my teacher before starting the lessons?

Yes! Before you pay anything, we want to make sure that you’re happy with your teacher, so you’ll have a free 10-minute consultation with your teacher.

What if I’m not happy with my teacher?

If for any reason you’re not happy with your teacher, send us an email and we’ll change your teacher.

How much time do I need?

It’s totally up to you. You decide how many hours a week you want.

Do I need a Skype account?

Yes. All our lessons are on Skype, so you’ll need a Skype account. Don’t worry — Skype is quick, easy and free to set up. Click here to get Skype.

How can I pay?

After your free level test and consultation, you’ll receive a PayPal invoice. You don’t need a PayPal account to pay.

Can I ask another question?

Yes, of course. Click here to contact us.

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