102 Little Drawings That Will Help You Remember English Rules FOREVER

102 Little Drawings Book Cover - Christmas

102 Little Drawings That Will Help You Remember English Rules FOREVER (Probably)

This is not another traditional English textbook.

This book is a collection of 102 funny drawings designed to help you understand English grammar and remember new English words.

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“I think this book is written and illustrated in a very easy, funny way and fast to remember the important grammar in English language … Fun fast easy and good.”



“The book is very useful, especially because of the illustrations, so one remembers faster and learns faster.”



“The book’s title is 100% correct. The drawings are fun and they do what they’re supposed to … just perfect.”

102 Little Drawings - print book with hands and tea

Popular English teacher and blog writer Gabriel EA Clark has been drawing pictures to help his students since he started teaching English back in 2004.

This book is a compilation of 102 of the funniest and most effective pictures that he drew for his own students to explain English grammar and vocabulary. Pictures that make students go, “Aha! I get it now!”

Each drawing comes with examples of how to use the grammar or vocabulary in real-life situations in English plus an explanation on the topic to make sure your understanding is crystal clear.

This book is a collection of pictures to help you sharpen your English. It’s here to give you inspiration, some “a-ha” moments and hopefully a few good laughs.

This book is for intermediate and advanced English learners.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

  • Learn new and fun techniques to remember even very complicated new words (and remember them for a long time).
  • Really understand how the English tenses work.
  • Understand the difference between easily confused words.
  • Learn idioms and phrasal verbs.
  • Choose the right preposition (in, on, at, by ...).
  • Find out how to avoid mistakes that most English learners make.

This book is great for students learning English at home, and it’s also a great resource for English teachers (effective pictures that you can show students or draw yourself on the board).

Gabriel with 102 Little Drawings
Gabriel at the IATEFL conference for English teachers in Liverpool, where he presented the book and received a very positive response



“A-ha... a-ha... that’s what I’ve repeated again and again during the reading that book. I’ve got new feelings from the learning process.”



“Practical and concrete ... Simple rules with clever and funny little drawings to help you avoid making the same endless mistakes.”



“I’ve learned new things and had a good laugh at the same time.”

Get the eBook version

PDF $9.99

Get the print version

Paperback $19.99 on Amazon

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