Can You Understand These 12 Australian English Signs?

Can You Understand These 12 Australian English Signs?

You’re about to find out how well you understand Australian English signs. Want more English quizzes? Check out The Big, Fat Clark and Miller English Quiz 2017.

Back in August, I was in England and wrote a quiz about British English signs.

Signs are everywhere in England, and some of them are quite difficult to understand.

Right now, I’m in Australia, on the other side of the world.

They like signs here, too.

Wherever you go, you can see a sign telling you to do something or telling you not to do something.

If you’re thinking of visiting Australia, there’s some good news: the signs here are easier to understand than the ones in England.

What’s more, they often come with a little picture to help you understand:

Pick up after your dog (picture of dog and dog poo)

But, like in England, some of the signs are just very, very confusing for English learners.

So — put yourself to the test and increase your English vocabulary with the Clark and Miller Australian Sign Quiz!

The quiz might take a while to open, but it’s worth it. You’ll see!

Can You Understand These 12 Australian English Signs?

Post no bills | Penalty $200 | Litter act 1979
General waste
Modified road layout | Drive slowly
Cyclists dismount
Tow away area
Public access beyond this point is strictly prohibited
Proof of concession entitlement must be provided on request
End road work | Thank you
Emergency assembly area
Push button and speak to driver | Penalty for misuse
No through road
This vehicle is fitted with security devices | also video surveillance
Can You Understand These 12 Australian English Signs?
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OK! So — how was it? Did you learn some new words?

Let’s test you on what you’ve learned.

Can you say what these words mean?

  1. penalty
  2. bills
  3. act
  4. layout
  5. waste
  6. dismount
  7. tow
  8. prohibited
  9. assembly
  10. surveillance

Answer in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Can You Understand These 12 Australian English Signs?

  1. Hi, Clark:
    Here are my answers:
    1. fine.
    2. invoice.
    3. deed.
    4. disposal, provision
    5. rubbish, garbage.
    6. lower, reduce, go down
    7. tug, trailer, towing.
    8. banned
    9. gathering.
    10. watch vigilance.

    1. Hi Gabrriela.

      These are good, and thanks for posting.

      But you might want to try checking 2, 3, 4, 6, and 10 again. This time I’d recommend not going straight for the dictionary/translate and check the words in the context of the pictures and the quiz. This way you’ll get a much clearer meaning of how they’re being used in this situation.

      Learning from context is a great skill to develop and can work wonders for your English!

      Looking forward to hearing your new answers! 🙂

  2. I have never been to Australia but common sense and speaking command helped me to understand everything correctly.

    1. 10 out of 12 is pretty good, Eugene. Well done!

      I tested this on a real live Australian person and she only got 11/12 — I think one of them is a bit of a trick question.

      Nice work!

  3. Hi Clark,
    Thank you so much for your answer. I understand what you mean. The fact is that I hadn´t done the quiz before sending the answers. It turned out to be very, very useful. I see now “penalty” refers to ” fine “, for example.
    Thanks again, Clark
    Have a nice weekend.

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