Podcast Episode 15 – English Articles and the Stock Market Dance

The Clark and Miller English Podcast: Gabriel Clark smiling with arms folded on a light purple backgroundWhy are “a” and “the” like a stock market dance?

What are “the cat rules”?

Join me on my “hot take” on English articles and how we use them to invite people into our world and build relationships.

In this episode I talk about:

  • how the grammar we use depends on what the other person knows, and why this is like a “stock market dance”;
  • what “the cat rules” are, and why they show us more than just some grammar rules;
  • how to use “the” to make a stronger bond between you and the person you’re talking to;
  • why we don’t use articles to talk about some places;
  • why Abra is one of the best R&B singers out there.

I hope this podcast makes you think more deeply about how language (and articles) really work.

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