Podcast Episode 22 – Grammar, Perception and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‬

The Clark and Miller English Podcast: Gabriel Clark smiling with arms folded on a light purple backgroundHave you ever seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Remember that part when Charlie and Grandpa drink some magic soda and start floating towards a giant fan?

Remember how they got out of that tricky situation?

That’s just like grammar!

Well … kind of.

Today I talk about:

  • how we don’t use grammar so much for marking time but to give our personal perspectives on how we see the world;
  • how some grammar is like floating around a giant tunnel;
  • how some grammar is like having your feet planted firmly on the ground;
  • how some grammar is more like a personal reflection than a description of reality.

If you’re learning or teaching English, this episode will give you a new perspective on how language works.

And hopefully, you don’t end up in that giant fan, and you get to explore the rest of the chocolate factory.

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