Podcast Episode 19 – The Back of 2020: A New Year’s Ramble

The Clark and Miller English Podcast: Gabriel Clark smiling with arms folded on a light purple backgroundA New Year’s ramble and 10 natural English expressions.

This episode is in two parts:

In part one, I talk naturally and without a script.

This is your chance to listen to ungraded, natural English (and my weird innermost thoughts).

In part two, I talk you through 10 of the most interesting natural English phrases, idioms, pronunciation strategies and communication strategies I used in part one.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • strategies to correct yourself;
  • how to use auxiliaries to sound natural;
  • new English phrases like “see the back of” and “every man and his dog”;
  • how to be less specific and more general;
  • strategies to use when you’re not sure of your facts;
  • how to understand some tricky English pronunciation.

All of this to bring you one step closer to understanding the messy world of “real world” English.

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