Podcast Episode 39 – The Cat and the Cornflakes – 5 English Pronunciation Hacks

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Improve your pronunciation AND your listening skills in English with these 5 English pronunciation tips.

Learn about:

1. Jump to the potato! (stress-timed vs. syllable-timed languages)
Is your first language stress-timed or syllable-timed? What does that mean for your English pronunciation? How does it affect the hip-hop in your country?

2. Always contract!
It might feel like the smart thing to do. But don’t do it! Never “decontract”! Unless you want to really emphasize something.

3. Look out for “tits” and “dits”
I’ll say no more about this here … 🙂

4. Watch out for the difference between “can” and “can’t”
With a lot of American English pronunciation, “can” and “can’t” sometimes sound the same. This hack will give you the skills to understand whether that American guy is saying that you CAN borrow a hundred bucks or whether he’s saying you CAN’T borrow a hundred bucks.

5. Look out for “therza”
It’s more common than you might think …

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