Podcast Episode 37 – Three Hot Takes About English (And Why We Use “Some”)

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Today, I share three of my “hot takes” about English.

  • Do we ever use “will” with “if” (e.g. “If I will be at the party …”)? When? And when can’t we use it? Why?
  • Why do we use “some” in sentences like “I got some bread”? Do we need it? Can’t we just say “I got bread”? What’s going on with this word? Are there other words like this? Are they really meaningless? And if they are meaningless, why do we keep using them?
  • Why do we have verbs like “decide” as well as collocations like “make a decision”? Why do we have “run” and “go for a run”? What about “risk” and “take a risk”? What’s the difference?

Let’s take a look at these features of English that are, when you think about it, actually pretty weird. Hopefully, we can uncover some interesting stuff (or at least walk away with some steaming hot takes!).

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