Increase your speaking confidence (and get clean at the same time)

Increase your speaking confidence

What if I told you there was something you could do to improve your vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, writing, speaking AND confidence in English?

Something that only takes a few minutes every day AND something fun?

Something that is truly effective according to studies?

Would you do it?

I do. In fact, it’s my favourite part of my morning routine for learning Turkish – you can use it for learning English (or Spanish or Urdu or Latin. Well, maybe not Latin).

What is it?

Singing in the shower.

I sometimes sing some of the Turkish songs I’ve learned while getting clean.

No one can hear me in the shower, so I can sing at normal volume and make all the mistakes I like. It’s a great way to build up energy and confidence in the morning.

But it’s not only good for confidence and energy.Speaking Confidence

Studies1 show that singing in a foreign language improves grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading, listening, speaking AND confidence.

A little singing every day can make a very big difference to your English. And it’s fun!

Action plan!

Google the words to your favourite song by typing “[favourite song name] lyrics”. You’re on the way to more confident speaking.

1. Medina, L. S. (2002). Using Music to Enhance Second Language Acquisition: From Theory to Practice, in J. Lalas & S. Lee, Language, Literacy, and Academic Development for English Language Learners. Pearson Educational Publishing.

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