59 Positive Personality Adjectives to Describe Your Favourite Friends

59 personality adjectives to describe your favourite friends

In this lesson, you’re going to learn 59 positive personality adjectives in English. Check out 66 Negative Personality Adjectives here.

Let’s look at some positive words to describe people.

There are four main categories of positive personality adjectives. Let’s imagine each category as a different person. So let’s meet them:

Positive Personality Adjectives #1

Nik — the people person

Nik is the friend who’s great with people. See how popular he is? People like Nik:

Personality Adjectives

There are lots of reasons why people like Nik.

Reason why people like Nik #1

Nik is very easy to be with. You can talk to him easily, and he’s very friendly:

Affable — He’s easy to talk to.
Agreeable — He’s enjoyable to talk to.
Amiable — He’s friendly and nice.
Charming — He has a “magic” effect that makes people like him.
Polite — He’s good at saying “please,” “thank you,” etc.
Likeable — He’s easy to like.
Gregarious — He likes being with other people.

Reason why people like Nik #2

He thinks about you and how you feel:

Considerate — He always thinks about other people when he does something or talks to someone.
Sympathetic* — He shows that he understands and cares about other people’s problems.
Understanding — The same as “sympathetic” — he understands other people’s problems well.

*Sympathetic is a false friend: in many languages, it means “nice,” but in English, it has a different meaning.

Reason why people like Nik #3

He doesn’t choose one side when his friends disagree with each other:

Diplomatic — He is very good at trying to help people see both sides of a situation.
Impartial — He doesn’t support just one side of a disagreement.

Reason why people like Nik #4

He’s honest:

Sincere — He says what he really thinks and feels.
Straight-forward — He’s direct and honest.

Reason why people like Nik #5

He likes giving and helping:

Generous — He likes giving things to people.
Helpful — He likes helping.
Kind — He cares about others and likes to help them, often emotionally.
Giving — He likes giving things to people — it’s the same as “generous.”

Personality Adjectives

So that’s Nik. What an awesome guy!

Positive Personality Adjectives #2

Alexa — the good worker

Alexa is a great worker. She’s focussed and likes to get things done! She’s the perfect candidate for a job. Bosses like her:

Alexa with bosses

There are lots of reasons why Alexa is a good worker:

Reason why Alexa is a good worker #1

Alexa has a lot of natural personal qualities that make her a good worker:

Observant — She’s good at noticing different things around her.
Quick-witted — She can think quickly and intelligently.
Patient — She can accept difficult situations without getting angry.
Dynamic — She has a lot of energy and can think creatively.
Bright — She’s smart and intelligent.

Reason why Alexa is a good worker #2

She also “applies herself.” This means she isn’t lazy, and she tries to do the best work that she can:

Self-disciplined — She can control her own behaviour easily, and she’s organised.
Resourceful — She’s good at finding ways to solve problems.
Proactive — She doesn’t wait for things to happen. She makes them happen!
Practical — She’s good at finding the simplest and most efficient solution.
Organised — She knows how to organise things well.
Efficient — She can organise things quickly and clearly.
Hardworking — She works hard!
Diligent — She does her work carefully and cares about the details.

Reason why Alexa is a good worker #3

To be a good worker, you have to be good at managing change. When things change, Alexa can change with them:

Versatile — She can do different things depending on the situation.
Intuitive — She can understand what’s happening using her feelings (not just facts).
Adaptable — She can change depending on the situation.

Reason why Alexa is a good worker #4

Finally, Alexa is someone who you can trust:

Dependable — If she says she will do something, she will do it.
Reliable — The same as “dependable”
Trustworthy — You can trust her to be honest and sincere.
Loyal — She will always be on your side.

Personality Adjectives

So that’s Alexa. A great worker but not necessarily great fun.

That’s why we need to have Freya in our lives!

Positive Personality Adjectives #3

Freya — the fun lady!

We all need a Freya in our lives. She’s the friend who makes us happy and who we can have fun with. She’s the friend who puts a smile on our faces and helps us kill the stress from our working day.

Here’s Freya at a party. Like Nik, she’s very popular. But for slightly different reasons:

the fun friend

Freya is fun to be around for several reasons.

Reason why Freya is fun #1

First of all, Freya has a lot of energy. When people have a lot of energy, this energy often transfers to you. It’s fun!

Energetic — She has a lot of energy.
Adventurous — She likes doing new and different things.
Enthusiastic — She shows a lot of excitement and interest in things.
Kooky — She’s a little crazy. But in a fun way.

Reason why Freya is fun #2

She’s also very a very sociable and happy person:

Cheerful — She’s always happy.
Chatty — She loves talking and talks a lot.
Convivial — She’s always in a good mood and is always friendly.

Reason why Freya is fun #3

She’s also very funny:

Hilarious — She’s very, very, funny.
Witty — She’s funny and can tell good jokes in an intelligent way.
Humorous — She’s funny and entertaining.
Amusing — She’s funny and fun.

Reason why Freya is fun #4

Finally, you don’t feel bad when you’re with Freya. You feel like you can say anything, and she won’t think badly of you:

Non-judgemental — She won’t make you feel bad for something that you think, believe or do, even if it’s a mistake.
Laid-back — She’s very relaxed about everything.
Easy-going — This is the same as “laid-back” — it means “relaxed”!

Adjectives for fun people

OK. So Freya’s good fun. But perhaps sometimes she can get annoying! There are times when we need to be serious.

This is a good time to try to be like Delia.

Positive Personality Adjectives #4

Delia — the leader

Delia is the person we know who will probably become successful. She knows what she wants in life, and she has the power to take it! She may not have so many friends, but she takes pleasure from her success.

The Leader

Why will Delia succeed? There are two main reasons for this:

Reason why Delia is a good leader #1

She has so much power in her. She’s an unstoppable force!

Ambitious — She has very high targets for herself in life.
Determined — She doesn’t quit, even when things get hard.
Passionate — She believes in her work and her success on an emotional level.
Persistent — She never gives up!
Decisive — She can make a decision quickly and confidently.

Reason why Delia is a good leader #2

She’s also not afraid of anything. Or anyone!

Courageous — She’s brave.
Fearless — She has no fear.

Basically, she’s like a superhero!

Personality adjectives for leaders

How to use personality adjectives

OK. So now you know 59 positive adjectives to describe people you like. Let’s take a look at a few different ways to use adjectives.

Let’s start with a simple adjective to describe someone:


There are different ways we can use this word to describe a person.

If we simply want to describe the person directly, we can say:

She’s funny.


She’s a funny woman.

There isn’t much difference between these sentences. The only difference is that you have the freedom to use different words to describe the woman in the second example:

She’s a funny person.

She’s a funny friend.

She’s a funny boss.

But what if you don’t know this person? What if you just have the feeling that she might be funny?

The first thing to ask yourself is this: What gives you this feeling? Is it about her appearance or just a general feeling?

If it’s a general feeling, we can say:

She seems funny.

But if it’s about her appearance (she might be a clown), then we can say:

She looks funny.


She looks like a funny person.


she looks + adjective

she looks like + (adjective) noun

Remember these adjectives forever

Download the free PDF cheat sheet with all these adjectives and more!

Positive Personality Adjectives Cheat Sheet

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