Razor Sharp & Filthy Rich: 12 Ways to Make Your Adjectives Awesome

Razor Sharp & Filthy Rich: 12 Ways to Make Your Adjectives Awesome

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So you’re cooking with your teenage daughter, and she’s helping you out with the salad.

She needs to chop the carrots, and you pass her the best knife for the job.

But you want to warn her that the knife is sharp and that she needs to be careful.

How do you do this?

You could say:

That knife is sharp. Be careful!


That knife is very sharp. Be careful!

or even…

That knife really is extremely sharp. Be careful!

And all of these are… OK.

But there’s a better way to make sure your daughter’s careful with that knife.

This is how. Say…

That knife is razor sharp. Be careful!

Much more effective, right?

razor sharp = very, very sharp

In English, a lot of adjectives can work in idiomatic ways like this. Because they’re idiomatic, they’re more visual and, as a result, more powerful.

Today you’re going to learn how to be more effective with 12 different adjectives.

razor sharp, fast asleep, wide awake, dead tired, stone deaf, dirt cheap, bone dry, stark naked, blind drunk, rock hard, filthy rich, brand new

When was the last time you were dead tired, and why? Write your answer in the comments below.

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