The Big, Fat Clark and Miller English Quiz 2017

The Big, Fat Clark and Miller English Quiz 2017

Learning English can be great fun.

But yes — it can also be annoying.

Sometimes the rules don’t make any sense.

Sometimes you learn a phrase, then discover that there’s a better way to say that phrase.

For me, the most annoying part of learning a language is when I learn something … and forget it immediately.

Sometimes new stuff just doesn’t “stick.”

“The best way to solve this?” you ask me.

Good question and thanks for asking.

One of the best ways of solving this is by testing yourself.

Testing yourself forces you to really think about what you’ve learnt. As a result, you internalise it more.

So, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for (possibly). Welcome to…

The Big, Fat Clark and Miller English Quiz 2017!

If you get a question wrong, click on the link that appears next to it to go to a free lesson on that topic. Good luck!

Well done! You’ve made it to the end.

You rock!

Was there anything you felt a little confused by?

Ask me in the comments. I love helping!

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12 thoughts on “The Big, Fat Clark and Miller English Quiz 2017

  1. I’m really enjoyed to improve my vocabulary in this way. Especially with lots of hints when you click a wrong answer. This is one of my favourite websites where I can improve my skills.

  2. I’m an English teacher. I missed 3 questions! I purposely missed one because I liked the smart alec answer so much. The other two I’m blaming on my Americaness. Great site! I’m planning on using many of these resources with my 6th grade native English speakers. Of course, they speak American English, but we do our best. 🙂

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